San Diego Data Pro Inc. is a database and web application development and consulting company, located in San Diego CA. Our mission is to help you organize your business's data and turn it into useful information.

Our specialty is developing and improving corporate applications: custom software, databases, web sites and reporting. We can help bring order and efficiency to your corporate data and processes.

If you are in business, or work in a department in a larger business and you need to automate manual processes, organize your online information, or you have outgrown your home made databases and web sites, San Diego Data Pro can help.

How Can We Help You?

Here is a quick look at some of the services we can provide for your company:

  • Software/Database Development -
    Custom corporate data driven applications and reporting are our core specialty.
    • Web applications - In house and Internet facing ASP.Net applications and web services.
    • Database development - Small Access apps. up to full scale SQL Server databases.
    • Windows - Custom Windows applications and services.
    • Reporting - High quality reporting and visualization of your data.
  • Pro Forms Center -
    Speed up and simplify acquisition of your customer's data.
    • PDF Forms Data - Collect your PDF form submissions online.
    • Get Notified - Receive and email and/or text whenever someone submits a form.
    • Integrate - Save time and reduce errors by integrating with other systems.
  • Web Management Services -
    Don't deal directly with big, impersonal hosting companies. Let us handle your outside hosting needs.
    • Web Hosting - Shared and dedicated managed hosting for your web sites.
    • Content Managed Sites - Easy to update web sites for business/non-profits.
    • Ecommerce - Online stores made easy!
  • Data Quality -
    Especially for businesses that do direct mailings or ship product to customers. High quality address and customer data saves money!
    • Address Validation - Point of entry address/email validation, integrate into your applications.
    • De-duplication/Merge - Clean customer/mailing data.
    • Geocoding/Reverse Lookups and more!
  • Staffing -
    We can provide qualified workers for short or long term contract work at your client's location.
    • Contractors - On site software and IT workers at competitive rates.

Choose San Diego Data Pro

With a broad range of experience in data and web application development, we can design and build the right kind of solution with the right tools.

Projects range from small Microsoft Access databases to large scale SQL Server databases, user-interfaces developed with Microsoft Access, custom Windows applications with the .Net Platform, or ASP.Net web sites. We can develop back-end data processing applications, Windows services and web services and interfaces with other applications. We can develop high quality reporting with Access and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Contact us today for a free evaluation.